New Arrived Guitar Pedals: Which could be Best for you

As days passed electronic company brings more amazing featured guitars pedals to compete with other Brands. Some old school brand Pedals produce so weak sound which does not suit for the other kinds of Music Genres. Eliminating those hurdles technology made so amazing pedals focusing for the particular types of Genre.

1. HORIZON DEVICES (Precision Drive)

This is a newly formed Brand by one of its co-founders Misha Mansoor from the Band Periphery. The special thing about this brand is Precision Drive is their first product an Overdrive pedal with cool extra features which you cannot see in a ordinary Overdrive Pedal. This Overdrive pedal is made for today’s common Modern Metal Guitar players with good saturation, tighten amp sounds and with some cool features on it.

It have 5 different knobs Attack, Volume, Drive, Bright and Noise Gate. So it simply clears that you don’t need to buy an extra Noise Gate.

Attack knob will give you bite to your sound and lower end will get tighten too.

Volume knob will send the sound to your amp with clean boost sound.

Bright knob will give you the high end sound tighten to bring back cuts mix mid sound better.

DRIVE/GAIN will give you best tighten rhythm sound if you put it into low, for lead sound just turn it into high you’ll get amazing sound.

Noise Gate to get good sound just turn it into high and enjoy your playing.

CrunchBunk - Horizon Precision Drive

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